Types of Laser Cutting to Look at

November 14, 2021

Laser cutting is the thermal procedure where the focused laser beam will be used to melt down material in the localized area. The co-axial jet is been used for ejecting molten material as well as create the kerf. Continuous cut will be produced just by moving this laser beam and work piece under the CNC control. There’re 3 major varieties of the laser cutting and they are fusion cutting, remote cutting and flame cutting. In this post, we will check out types of laser cutting that will help to make this process easier when you compare it.

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Laser Cutting and Its Types

There’re three primary types of the lasers that are used for cutting. They are Nd-YAG lasers, CO2, and fiber-optic. They generally differ on base material that is used for producing laser beam.

  1. CO₂ laser

This laser makes use of the gas mixture that will create a laser beam. And high voltage in resonator is made with help of the wear-free semiconductor modules. And bystronic relies on these modules as they are a bit smaller, efficient and highly reliable compared to the traditional solutions.

  1. Crystal (Nd-YAG) Lasers

Unlike CO2 laser, Nd-YAG is the solid-state laser, which makes use of the synthetic crystal as the lasing medium. It is quite popular crystal doped with over 1% of ionized neodymium. In the crystal, Nd ions replace Y ions in a crystal structure. Length of its rod is 10 cm with the diameter of 6 – 9 cm. Ends of YAG rod is coated and polished by reflective materials that act as a resonator system.

  1. Fiber laser

The fiber lasers are an efficient way in the laser cutting process. This laser beam is made by the active fiber & transmitted over the transport fiber to machine cutting head. These lasers are smaller compared to CO₂ lasers and produce higher power from same amount of the current.