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Hacking IG account

May 12, 2021

In the current era instagram is ruling the above all other social media platforms. They are millions of people who already have their account with instagram not only that on daily basis there so many people who create there account with instagram. This platform is earning a huge amount to the company owners on daily bases. Many people have slowly reduced the usage of Facebook and started using instagram due to many reasons one of the main reason is the network confidentiality. U/sing these platforms all wants to keep a watch on many people. Even though the websites have made many arrangements for the security but due to the advanced technology you can find many videos and blogs on how to hack an IG account online.

  • Phishing method: It is method where you need to create clone of the page which you wish to hack. After creating the page you need to host that page. Once that part is completed you need to send email to the targeted account but the condition is that the email should go before they open there account. Once the email has been sent and when the person try to connect to the instagram then he will get a pop for account recovery the way normally password change pop is seen. So the account holder will not have any option than clicking on the link. Once he clicks the information will be provided to you.

  • Spyware: It is a method in which one person’s activity on his instagram can be experiential and passes the information to the hackers. It can take all the personal information, passwords, and credit card information. There are much software to spy some of them are spyize, Instaripper, Stalker ware, Trojans, Key loggers and many more.


Hope this information will be useful. If you need more details and wants to know many other methods than click on the provided link