Helpful tips in buying solar bollard lights

December 20, 2021

Building a house or commercial using solar bollard lights can be the best for outdoor and landscape designs. They are magnificent because they are simple and affordable to install. It is also eco-friendly and that means it is not adding to your electric bill. Not only is it beautiful but it also helps the environment.

It is the best solution when you like your house or building to make it more attractive to people. The market for solar bollard lights is kind of innovative. There will be customers that are new to this type of product and they don’t know how they can compare it to other things. Every solar light is different from the other. It will only depend on what kind of levels you are looking for. It is necessary that you know its power storage capacity to light up and its service life. Asking questions before buying it can be an advantage because you’re not wasting your money on it.


All people understand how solar works. The solar panel will gain sunlight and it converts as a battery. All the energy that it gains from sunlight can now be used as light when the surrounding turns dark. The great thing about autonomy is it can be well lit without charging it.

solar bollard lights

Power storage

It is also necessary for solar lights because it knows how the sunlight can be converted to a battery charge. The best solar lights have great power storage. It only needs less time to fill the battery and continues to shine within a few hours. Sometimes it is misunderstood as a charging time. When you have a low-capacity battery it can charge faster compared to bigger batteries. Although when you have a high-quality battery it gains more power storage.


There will be places that cannot sustain using solar lights. When the place has high moisture with warm and cold weather it can destroy the batteries of the lights. In most places that have rainy, warm, and cold weather. The level of the batteries cannot sustain and survive in that type of weather. That is why you have to buy solar lights that can sustain any weather condition in your place. As the batteries are the first ones to be destroyed from extreme weather.

Luminous flux

It means the amount of light that a certain solar bollard light can give as it measures lumens. Buying low-quality lights is gloomy. LED lights can provide the highest lumens with less power but they can only work for fewer power sources. An affordable model can only produce 100 lumens while an expensive model can have 120 lumens. It will depend on what type of project and size you’re working with.