Vinyl on HDF – practical and easy to lay

September 26, 2021

Vinyl on HDF core boards high density fibreboard describes vinyl floors in which the vinyl is applied to a high density fibreboard in a similar way to laminate. The HDF core board evens out small unevenness in the floor, making laying easier. You can therefore also lay the vinyl planks on existing floors such as wooden planks or tiles, but not on carpets . However, lifeproof vinyl flooring in stroudsburg pa on HDF is not recommended for damp rooms such as the bathroom, as the panels can swell if water penetrates through the joints.

 A good team: vinyl and cork

A special floor quality can be achieved by combining vinyl with cork. They are applied as impact sound insulation and thermal insulation for vinyl on HDF carrier boards. Conversely, cork floors are often sealed with a PVC layer to ensure better durability and to make the floor easy to care for. The combination of cork and vinyl creates a floor covering that offers you the advantages of the natural material cork and the robustness of a PVC floor.

Vinyl floors from the roll

Traditional PVC is still available on the roll . When laying, the vinyl is laid out in strips and firmly glued to the substrate. The floor must therefore be level; it is not possible to replace damaged areas. However, vinyl off the roll is well suited for the bathroom, as the water-repellent properties of the material come into their own here. The joints can be completely sealed using the cold welding process so that no moisture can get into the subsurface.

Whichever vinyl floor you choose: With vinyl you have a long-lasting, hard-wearing floor that is not only easy to care for and easy to lay , but also offers a wide variety of design options.

Floor coverings made of high-quality vinyl are not only trendy, but are also enjoying increasing popularity because they simply create a particularly attractive and stylish atmosphere in living spaces. Vinyl floors not only inspire with their appealing appearance and the remarkably great versatility in terms of base color and shade, they also have numerous other notable advantages. These include, among other things, the excellent hygiene properties, which is an advantage not to be underestimated for allergy sufferers, for example, as well as the very good price-performance ratio. The processing or laying is also easy and with a little practice can easily be done by any enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer.