Exciting Adventure Free Online Games for Mixed Gender Players

November 19, 2021

The following is a list of free games for those who like hunting and adventure. This should be especially helpful to those who love the genre and want to explore more but don’t know where to look first.

Note: All games listed here are browser-based (or Flash if noted). No need to download unless you plan on playing it offline; then, check that site’s requirements.

The Adventure of Fairy Meadow

ThisĀ agen bandarqq game has an old-school feel with some new-age elements sprinkled in. It also posts “coming soon” signs on some pages so it may not be 100% complete yet. If you register on their forum, they will give you 15,000 gold upon completing your profile there! Gameplay FPS. Recommend: Yes. Multiplayer: Yes.

Rogue Soul

Rogues are stereotypically portrayed as loners who take what they want through any means necessary. This game is no different, but it puts the player in control of a rogue rather than letting him or her be someone else’s henchman/lackey/tool. Just keep an eye out for infections so you don’t lose health to them! Gameplay RPG. Recommend: Yes. Multiplayer: No.

Foreign Creature 2 – The Lost Island

You are Julie Richards, an archaeologist hired by Professor Longwood to join his expedition to find his lost brother on Longwood Island. You have just landed on this strange place after your plane was caught in over the Atlantic Ocean and made an emergency landing on the island. Professor Longwood has gone missing, you are now alone with just a camera, notebook, and your wits. Gameplay Point & Click. Recommend: Yes. Multiplayer: No.