How To Get Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Getting emotional support animal letter is very simple but needs some steps to follow. Your first step will be speaking with the mental health professional regarding getting emotional support animal letter is the good choice for you. The conversation must include discussion of the mental health diagnosis or how the emotional support animal can benefit you. When you have determined that the emotional support animal is a best way to cope with the symptoms, then it is a perfect time that you move on your next step.

Talk to Your Health Care Provider

You’ll need to speak with a licensed mental health professional to write the letter. To find one, look up providers in your area who specialize in mental health and talk therapy, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, or mental health counselors. Speak to your health care provider about whether or not they would be able to write you the letter. If they agree, they can start to develop a plan and determine how your emotional support animal will best serve you and how long you’ll need the animal.

Get the Signature

Your mental health professional will then write a letter on their official letterhead that includes their license and contact information, your name and address, and a clear description of how your emotional support animal helps with your symptoms. The letter should be dated and include the health provider’s signature.

esa letter

Keep the Letter At a Safe Place

Once you have the letter, it’s important to keep it on your person whenever you’re with your animal. It will help prove your animal is a legitimate emotional support animal and will allow you access to certain accommodations that regular pets cannot get. The letter should be kept in a safe place and updated with the mental health provider at least once a year to ensure your needs are still being met.

Final Words

Getting an emotional support animal letter is a relatively straightforward process that could significantly help with your mental health. Take your time and make sure to find a qualified mental health professional who can help you through the process. Good luck and take care of yourself.