Business Cards: Face Value Matters

September 23, 2021

We are often told growing up to not take things at face value and to try to understand the substance of something or pay attention to the details. This is true in life and we do want to avoid getting swept away by just what we can see about a person or anything for that matter because it prevents us from being disappointed later on. However, one area where this advice does not generally apply is in the world of business cards. Our business cards are like a mini resume or advertising board where we advertise our name, our job, and then our contact information. A good business card can end up bringing in better and bigger opportunities for you, and this is where investing in a good business card is necessary. If you are looking for ideas or inspiration, you can check out Black Metal Kards.

Business cards are pretty important and should be something all of us need to be carrying once we start working. They allow us to establish contacts and put ourselves out there. You do want a business card that stands out for the right reasons, and that can be difficult when we have to follow the same format and keep things simple.

You can choose to stand out by opting for a different material or thickness of the paper.  Super thin and lightweight business cards appear cheap, so opting for heavier paper as your choice of material can help. If you are looking to be unconventional but classy, then you can have metal as your choice of material and have your details stamped or embossed on it. Similarly, you want to go for a nice font that is readable but also pleasing to look at. You can go over different styles and try to come up with one that best reflects you.